Desktop Softphones- X-Lite

If you have already downloaded this third party application and would like to provision this app to one of your existing users please see below.

 If you need to download the free application please visit X-Lite's website HERE

Please note that the provisioning details can be found on your admin portal ( For more details please contact our support team at 786-718-1820 option 1, or

 Once X-Lite is downloaded:

 1. Go to Account Preferences

2. Add Account

3. Enter the Account Name: (Domain name) This can be provided by support or in the admin portal

4. Fill out the following only under Account tab:

- Account Name: same as domain name
- Check mark Call and IM presence
- User ID: softphone extension (This can be provided by support or in the admin portal)
- Domain:same as domain name
- Password: softphone password (This can be provided by support or in the admin portal)
- Display Name: Type your full name

5. Under Domain Proxy

- Click on Proxy and type in address: (If you are on the East Coast of US) (If you are on the West Coast of US)

For other locations please contact support.

- VM Number: 5001

Save your changes, and once completed you are ready to use your desktop softphone.

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